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Professional Landscaping Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is often neglected in residential design and construction, yet it is an essential aspect of maintaining an attractive outdoor environment. With adequate drainage, erosion, washouts, and flooding can be prevented. Pounding of surface water damages lawns and expensive shrubbery and trees and also contributes to mosquito population. Our expert landscapers at Griffins Landscaping in Peekskill, NY are highly adept at providing landscaping drainage systems with longevity and precision in mind. With the proper drainage system in place, we can help eliminate the development of any problems that lessen the functionality, beauty, and value of your property.

A Variety of Effective Drainage Methods

Griffins Landscaping will ensure that your property will have the best possible drainage system to reinforce the quality of your outdoor environment. With our comprehensive landscaping solutions, you can expect a variety of decorative yet functional drainage methods to choose from, including:

Dry Wells

Dry wells are rock-filled chambers that prevent the occurrence of surface and subsurface water flooding, keeping your lawn healthy and problem-free.

French Drains

French drains are surface-level trenches that utilize piping and gravel to allow natural water to drain further away from your home.

Curtain Drains

Similar to French drains, curtain drains are established at a slope further underground that keeps water from entering your home.

Leader Drains

Leader drains are useful installations that work with your gutter system to move stormwater away from the property.

Catch Basins

Catch basins are an integral element to many landscaping drainage systems installed at the lowest point of your property. With a grated top and a sloped drainage pipe, catch basins distribute excess water away from the property.

Rip Rap

Rip rap stones serve both decorative and functional purposes. These limestones can vary in size and create superior erosion control, water flow control, and slope stability.

Septic Systems

Landscaping around your property’s septic system is possible, but it must be done with careful consideration, as roots can penetrate the drainage field and cause damage to pipes, as well as clog the system.

We’ll Help You Create a Blissful Outdoor Experience

We can’t control the weather, but we can help you control the effect it has on your property. Don’t let improper drainage take control of your beautiful outdoor landscape. Griffins Landscaping is the best in the landscaping business, providing the highest degree of landscaping drainage implementation that will keep your property looking its finest. Our creative, effective, and environmentally responsible drainage solutions will help maintain the integrity of your landscaping. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate and discover what we can do to take your landscaping to the next level.

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