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Irrigation Systems With Efficiency and Longevity in Mind

Carefully planned irrigation is an essential aspect of landscaping design and construction. Integrating a high-quality automated irrigation system will ensure your landscape receives the correct amount of water at the most appropriate times to maintain a healthy and beautiful outdoor environment. Gain total irrigation control with the help of the landscaping experts at Griffins Landscaping in Peekskill, NY. Our environmentally-thoughtful, water-saving irrigation systems are proven to save you time and resources while keeping your landscaping in optimal condition. We have the knowledge, expertise, and passion for designing, installing and maintaining your irrigation system with precision, efficiency, and longevity in mind. Don’t risk the health of your stunning landscaping – give us a call today and discover the best in automated landscaping irrigation.

Automatic sprinklers watering lawn

Full-Service Irrigation Installation and Repair

Whether you’re looking for a new irrigation system for your landscape or you need some maintenance and repair on your existing system, Griffins Landscaping can help. Our highly-trained landscaping professionals have extensive expertise with all the moving parts of irrigation systems and a dedication to customer service to ensure you receive the best irrigation care possible. State-of-the-art sprinkler systems, drip irrigation for plants and flower gardens, blended irrigation systems – we can provide it all. From design and installation to preventative maintenance and repair, we have the innovative irrigation solutions to keep your property thriving.

Your Go-To Source for Modern Landscaping Solutions

Our business has over three decades of specialized landscaping expertise, providing the highest degree of landscaping services to homeowners, business owners, and property managers in New York’s Westchester, Putnam, and Southern Dutchess Counties. Our professionals are some of the finest landscapers in the industry, operating with passion and a more personal touch. When you partner with Griffins Landscaping’s landscaping services, you’ll discover all the opportunities to create a truly unique, custom-tailored outdoor living environment. With our landscaping design, installation, and maintenance solutions, your landscape will be the envy of the neighborhood. Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate.

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