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World-Class Landscaping Services and Support

Griffins Landscaping in Peekskill, NY has all the resources you need for your next outdoor project. Beginning a new landscaping project involves many considerations, and we have developed a landscaping checklist to help you get started. As your partner in your landscaping endeavor, you’ll have access to a variety of landscaping services, including lawn care and maintenance, tree care, planting and design, hardscaping and masonry, drainage and irrigation systems, customized fencing, decks, patios, and much more. Get in touch with us today for a consultation, a free estimate, and world-class support for your landscaping project.

Our Landscaping Checklist for Your Next Outdoor Project

  • What is your budget range for your landscaping?
  • How long do you plan on living in your current home?
  • Will you implement your landscaping project over the course of several years, or do you prefer the entire process to be handled all at once?
  • Is your landscaping project for the purposes of return on investment at the time of sale?
  • Do you require a sizeable lawn space to accommodate children, pets, and outdoor activities?
  • Do you enjoy lawn mowing and garden maintenance?
  • Are you interested in a garden full of flowers and plants? Would you like to implement herbs, vegetables, and fruits into your garden?
  • Would you prefer a clean, orderly, and symmetric appearance for your garden, or do you favor a fuller garden teeming with many plants and flowers?
  • Do you want a private outdoor getaway for leisure and relaxation?
  • Do you want an outdoor living area that can be used to entertain guests? How many people would you like this area to accommodate?
  • Are you interested in custom hardscapes such as an outdoor kitchen, barbeque, or fire pit?
  • Are you interested in an automated irrigation system to keep your landscape healthy with less labor?
  • Are there any particular drainage options you favor, such as dry wells, French drains, curtain drains, or catch basins?
  • Would you like to incorporate a water feature into your landscape, like a pond, stream, waterfall, or fountainscape?
  • Does a customized, low-voltage outdoor lighting system interest you?
  • Would you like to implement a privacy fence, custom deck, patio, arbor, or pergola?

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