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Transform Your Outdoor Retreat With Custom Water Features

Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains not only offer peace and tranquility to a property but also immense value. At Griffins Landscaping in Peekskill, NY, we are prepared to design and construct your new water features, whether it be a small gazing pond or a majestic waterfall to rival nature’s own beauty. What better way to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor environment than a steady, serene stream or a calming fountainscape in your very own yard? Our highly-trained landscaping professionals have the knowledge and expertise to incorporate a distinctive water feature that will be sure to add more dazzling brilliance to your outdoor retreat.

beautiful pond in the middle of the patio

We’ll Help You Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Whether you’re planning a new landscaping project from scratch or you’d like to add more visually pleasing enhancements to your existing outdoor landscape, Griffins Landscaping are experts in the landscaping craft and can take on any job, regardless of the complexity. Adding water features to complement outdoor living spaces is a task we have extensive experience with, and we’re very passionate about establishing a more alluring ambiance that will have a lasting impact. Your new water element can be an ornate focal point of your exterior living environment, such as a stunning stone waterfall or fountainscape, or it can be a more subtle and understated finishing touch like a peaceful pond or a soothing, well-balanced stream. Whatever your ambitions are, we’ll help you create the perfect outdoor oasis the whole family will enjoy.

Over Three Decades of World-Class Landscaping Expertise

With over three decades of specialized expertise, Griffins Landscaping is your expert source in all things landscaping. Through our world-class services, you’ll be able to bring your vision into a striking reality with a perfectly balanced and inviting outdoor environment, making your property the envy of the neighborhood. Get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate and discover how you can take your landscape to the next level.

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